Frequently Asked Questions


What are the options for sorting the list?

We will work with you
to help determine the best segments to reach the most responsive SHRM professionals for your offer.

There are many options such as job title, company size, and geography. See full listing

Do I have to rent ALL the names that meet my criteria?

No. If more names are available than you wish to rent at one time, we will select randomly from the available pool of names. A record is kept of which names you have received to ensure if you order again within six months, you will receive different names. The 5,000 name minimum applies each time you order.

What will I receive?

When you order a postal file, our list will include a name, address, city, state, and ZIP code. Where job titles or company names are known, you will receive these as well. The list is for postal mailing only. You will not receive phone or fax numbers.

When you order an email list, we handle the deployment for you, so you supply us with the creative and order select information. After the blast, we send you a transmission report to show you how your blast performed. See more details under “Quick List Facts.”

May I offer anything I want in my mail piece?

Yes, within reason. Your mail piece must be approved before you receive the list. You must not refer to SHRM in your mailing, or imply any endorsement. You cannot open your letter with “Dear SHRM Professional,” for instance. Recruitment or survey-related mail pieces are not allowed.

What is a lettershop, and how do I find one?

Simply put, a lettershop is the company that actually does your mailing. They’ll apply the addresses to your mail pieces and help facilitate delivery to the USPS. You can also search for lettershop under “Mailing Services” or “Bulk Mail Processors.” We recommend that you speak with several to discuss your specific needs.

What performance guarantees are there?

SHRM cannot guarantee results of your mailing. Many factors influence response rate. We are happy to consult with you to make the best selections based on your offer.

Is there a guarantee that all the names will be deliverable?

No, however every quality postal list will have a small number of undeliverable addresses due to a variety of factors. You may receive pieces returned from the post office.

Once I mail the list, how does the response come in, and when is it finished?

For catalog or merchandise mailers, from the time your catalog reaches the prospect’s place of business or home, your response will be 75% finished by the 4-6 week mark. You will probably see a few additional orders over the following two weeks. By 8 weeks most mailers consider initial response near completion.

Once someone responds to my offer, may I contact them again?

Yes! Once someone responds to your offer, they become part of your customer list. You may mail to them as often as you wish.


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