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Quick List Facts

Interested in renting the EMAIL file?

We test the creative or content you’d like to send to the SHRM email list first for your review and approval before the final deployment/blast is sent out on the day you request.   

  • Dates book up fast so please inquire about availability.
  • We require approval from SHRM on the creative.
  • After the blast, we send you a transmission report to show you how your blast performed.
  • Once you are ready, we can send you the proper forms to get started.
  • Pricing starts at $515 per thousand names. (See data cards for full pricing details.)

Interested in renting the POSTAL file?

For the postal list, we send the list either to you or to your mailhouse. We also require approval from SHRM on the sample.

  • Rentals are for a one-time use only; names can be reused but a reuse order must be sent along with the sample of your mail piece.
  • Starting cost is $180 per thousand names plus any other applicable selection charges.
  • Once you are ready, we can send you the proper forms to get your order started. 
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The data cards provide available selections, pricing and output material.

SHRM Masterfile
SHRM Professional Email
HR Magazine Subscribers
SHRM Members
SHRM Students 


You must be aware that this list rental is for one-time use only. To mail again, you must notify Infogroup and place another order.

New mailers renting the list must pay in advance. Once your order is received, our accounting department will contact you regarding the required payment.

All orders have a 5,000-name minimum. A sample mail piece is required for SHRM’s review prior to processing.

The process is simple, really!
From the time we receive the order, processing can be completed within 3-5 business days.

Once again, thanks for your interest in the SHRM postal and email lists. We look forward to helping you with any upcoming prospecting efforts to this responsive audience.


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